“Mary Lou was with us all along the way with very difficult buyers. Ours was a high end home and she fought for us to get the best price in a difficult time of year. THANK YOU Mary Lou!”

Leslie and Tom Rinaudo say…..

We can’t say enough about the great job Mary Lou Scala did selling our home. Mary Lou was very helpful throughout the whole process always accessible and returned our calls promptly, regarding any questions we had. She explained the comps in our area helping us to accurately price our home. Mary Lou gave us excellent advice. Mary Lou was very understanding and made the whole experience much easier. We would highly recommend Mary Lou Scala to anyone looking to sell their home.

Dr. Laura and George Lebeau say…….

As first time home buyers, we were looking for someone that was experienced, honest, and familiar with the daunting, long, process that we would be taking on. We looked no further than Mary Lou. One conversation with her, and we knew we found the right person for the job. She was honest in pointing out faults, as well as positives, with each home that we walked through, and made it apparent that she had our best interest at heart. She was extremely flexible with scheduling, friendly, and spoke openly with us. When we found a house we wanted, Mary Lou worked with us to negotiate a price that we could work with, and she confidently answered any questions that we had for her. If you are a home buyer that is looking for someone to make the process simple and straight-forward, Mary Lou Scala is for you!

Melissa Cantwell and Nicholas Saverino say…..

We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Mary Lou. She guided us step by step, always responded immediately and helped us with any concerns outside of her responsibilities. As first time home buyers every step was brand new, but she made us feel confident and prepared.

We highly recommended working with Mary Lou Scala!!

Jerese and Sean Twitty say……

“It’s been my great pleasure to work with Mary. She is kind, responsive and masterful in process expertise. I would strongly recommend her to my friends.”

Seungbum Hong says…..

Thanks you so much for staying with the real estate deal through all its ups and downs, your patience certainly got us to the closing date. Once again you brought us to another successful house sale and closing.

John and Dianna

Throughout this sale, you really helped to calm many stressful situations and keep the objective in my mind set. I appreciate all you have done, and will most definitely keep you in mind for future real estate transactions.

Dave Netti

After sitting with Mary Lou and talking with her, we really felt a sense of trust and professionalism.

Joanne and Don Stark

You are by far the best experience we’ve had selling our house. One more time thank you very much!

Juan A. Guzman

I enjoy getting your newsletters. I am so glad that you explain what is going on in the market… Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us as readers…

Elena Carlson

Mary Lou is a great realtor. She got our condo sold in this tuff market and now is trying to find us a home that we can be happy in and raise our family. She is caring and helpful and gets the job done.

Jennifer Laba

I have had the opportunity to have Mary Lou sell/buy me a few homes in the past five years. I feel there is nobody more professional, efficient and incredible at her job.

Dave Cesario

Mary Lou brought a lot of enthusiasm to selling our home. She kept us updated and was very assertive in contacting agents who showed our home to get their input. She was straightforward in explaining to us what it would take to sell our home quickly and it did in the worst market.

Stephanie Waghorn

Mary Lou helped us find our town home! When we put in our original offer, it was not accepted but Mary Lou kept in contact with the listing agent and once the seller’s lowered their price, she let us know immediately which led to an accepted offer! Her knowledge of the neighborhood was extremely helpful and she always responds to emails and phone calls immediately.

Sarah Sheen

Mary Lou Scala is by far the best agent I have had. She is very professional, efficient, and prompt.Talk about excellent customer service! I needed a contractor she had one right away, I needed a lawyer, she had one, I had trouble with a lender, she had someone to recommend right away! If the Bank gave me a hard time – she had my back! I can’t think of a better agent. I feel very sad that I won’t be able to talk to her on a daily basis. Way to go Mary Lou!

Rasa Klipciute

I worked with Mary Lou to find the home that fit all of my criteria. She was always available for questions and worked hard to show me many different properties. She always kept me updated on new listings or information that would help me find what I was looking for. When I found it, Mary Lou had my offer in as soon as I was ready and pushed to close in almost under a month! I was very happy with the entire process, and felt extremely comfortable and confident working with Mary Lou. I would happily recommend her to anyone in need of a realtor.

Todd Stone

“I had the privilege of working with Mary Lou on a recent purchase transaction and I must say that she is by-far one of the best realtors I have had the opportunity to work with. She was an absolute star during the few weeks we worked together. She made our transaction run smoothly by being involved and interested in not only her client’s needs, but also our needs as a lender. She is a great realtor, communicates well and provides best-in-class customer service. I highly recommend her when purchasing or selling your home!”


“Even though we had several specific requirements for our new home, Mary Lou was very patient and able to find a home that provided ALL of them in our new home. Thank you…”


Mary Lou is excellent! She was very knowledgeable about the properties she
showed us. Mary Lou was able to answer our questions with ease. As a first time
buyer she was very patient as we wanted to see a variety of properties both good
and bad. I am so thankful she stuck with us as clients! We found a beautiful
place we absolutely LOVE! I highly recommend Mary Lou to any new client.


Mary Lou is hands down, the best realtor we have had the pleasure of dealing
with. She helped us to sell our home in a VERY difficult market and was
attentive, diligent and knowledgeable. She got the job done and the entire
transaction was accomplished seamlessly. I would strongly recommend her to
anyone and everyone and have now for the better part of 5 years! Finding her as
a realtor was a huge blessing and we will forever be grateful. Thanks for all
you’ve done ML, you ROCK!

Sharon Santos

Mary Lou helped and guided us, as first time buyers to purchase our town house in Oak Park. We told her our price range and what we were interested in. She showed us numerous places from town homes to condos. Mary Lou was knowledgeable about the places we looked at, the contract and the closing information. I recommend her to my closest friends, family and any stranger needing a realtor to guide them in purchasing a home.

Tami Howland

We had Mary Lou for a realtor about 5 years ago. She was great. She listened to what we were looking for and found our dream home, very nice person and responded back to our phone calls and our emails right away.
Highly recommended! And we also referred her to a few people!!!!

Scherrie Buczko

Mary Lou is a tremendous Realtor and a great person, we have worked together on
three closings since December 2012. Thanks to Mary Lou they all went fine, she
goes out of her way to make sure you are comfortable and understand what’s going
on throughout the entire project. I would highly recommend her to anyone selling
or buying a residence.

Marie Sullivan

Whether you are buying or selling, Mary Lou is THE real estate professional to take care of you. Her sincere approach and committed drive will produce very favorable results. Mary Lou’s knowledge and persistence made the sale of my home a breeze. The search for a new home was a pleasure. Mary Lou listened to my wants and needs and presented me with countless properties from which to choose. My transactions went smoothly and without any problems thanks to Mary Lou’s preparation and strong knowledge of the real estate business. As I begin to think of my next move, Mary Lou will undoubtedly be at the top of my list!

Stephen Podock

Mary Lou Scala was instrumental in listing and selling our residence in the midst of the economic recession. She kept us updated and simplified the process of listing and selling a home. She promotes highly effective competence and is uniquely qualified to perform at all phases of the process of selling a home, from beginning to end. Ms. Scala gives meticulous attention to detail, communicates with credibility and confidence, and displays a high degree of honesty, loyalty and integrity to her clients. She maintains high ethical standards and conducts herself with professional excellence. Mary Lou Scala attains desired results through positive actions, an appropriate appearance, and a pleasing outgoing personality. Ms. Scala is very dependable, supportive, and conscientious. She can be relied upon to accomplish the best possible results.

William and Marilyn Cavalier

She is a great realtor who not only shows you what you want but what you will need. She will always go the extra mile and she will not give up no matter how long it may take. She takes time to get to know and understand her client so she can do her job right. I guarantee she can help you.


Mary Lou is an excellent realtor. I had the privilege to work with her and my experience was nothing short of exceptional! She truly knows the INS & OUTS of her field and goes well above and beyond the normality of other realtors. In my experience with other agents, she stands out for numerous reasons. She is courteous and listens to what the client needs and wants. She really focuses on giving each customer a personal and friendly experience. Coming from a lender standpoint, she is by far the easiest and most professional realtor to work with!




I had the pleasure to speak to Mary Lou a few weeks ago regarding real estate property that I was interested in. Mary Lou’s response time for returning my calls were beyond the call of duty. She was courteous and very helpful. I received listings in ample time and she was available to communicate and view at our convenience, not HERS. Only a week went by and our needs changed, and we no longer needed to move and find properties of our interest. I would recommend Mary Lou to anyone. She is the meaning of what it is to be a GOOD real estate agent. And when I need to purchase or sell, I WILL CALL MARY LOU!


Mary Lou is hands down, the best realtor we have had the pleasure of dealing with. She helped us to sell our home in a VERY difficult market and was attentive, diligent and knowledgeable. She got the job done and the entire transaction was accomplished seamlessly. I would strongly recommend her to anyone and everyone and have now for the better part of 5 years! Finding her as a realtor was a huge blessing and we will forever be grateful. Thanks for all you’ve done M!

Sharon Santos & Pat O’Day

Mary Lou excels at attention to detail, responsiveness and keeping her clients informed about next steps throughout the process. She makes & sends phone calls, text messages & emails late at night and early in the morning. One wonders when she might sleep! She was always following up to ensure the village inspection was done, inspection items (both the village & the new home buyers) were completed and any/all things needed for closing were completed on time & on schedule. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Maria and Karl Preiwisch

During the economic and real estate debacle of 2008, I struggled trying to sell my home in the Southwest suburbs for three years. It wasn’t until I hired Mary Lou when I sold my house in a short amount of time. She is a highly skilled professional in the real estate industry. Some of the qualities I appreciate about Mary Lou are her consistent communication and strong dedication to serve her customers. I am currently working with Mary Lou to close on the purchase of my second home. It’s my pleasure to recommend Mary Lou to anyone seeking to sell and/or purchase a home.

Joe Christostomo and Roma Dhams

MaryLou really impressed me. She cares, responsive and knows what she is doing. Definetly got results for us bringing in a buyer in one week. Prior to helping us she did a wonderfull job in selling my auts home. She also follows through to the end as well as afterwards.

Rick Cosenza

It has been a while since I have been in the market for purchasing real estate
and I can say that I truly enjoyed working with Marylou. I feel like she did
everything she could to make this purchase a pleasurable experience. Her
knowledge of market practices and the area that I was looking to purchase my
home in was excellent. She has been a great consoler and real estate agent. I
will be recommending her services to my daughter so that she can use her agency
for the purchase of her new home. I look forward to working with her in the

Amos and Julietta Smith

Mary Lou has lived within the area all her life and has a very good feel for what her clients are looking for. Before I was absolutely certain about my needs, she helped me explore all kinds of options so my final decision was well-informed, and held no unpleasant surprises. She always arrived on time when showing houses and took me back repeatedly when I had still more questions.

Kate Sahlas

Mary Lou listened to what we wanted and showed only homes that fit our wishes. She was attentive through the entire buying process and her contacts were themselves very helpful. Most impressively, she has stayed in contact post sale to be sure everything is as expected. Mary Lou is now a friend who happens also to be our broker.


After having a bad experience with 2 realtors,one for not being honest and one for not being responsive,we had a pleasure of working with Mary Lou.
She was very honest and upfront about expectations from beginning. Answered all our questions and was very honest through out our process of buying a house in Hinsdale,IL, while we are living in WA state.I felt no stress.She responded right away to questions and took care of every possible thing.
I would gladly recommend Mary Lou Scala to any of my family and friends.

Aftab Memom

We contacted Mary Lou to see if she could help us sell our home and find us a new home. She is outstanding in her field of being a realtor. We had many questions and she answered them all and in a very timely manner. She gives her clients 100% of her time we have never worked with anyone as responsive as Mary Lou. We would highly recommend her if you are looking to sell or purchase.


I, along with my husband Dan, had the pleasure to work with Mary Lou in finding a home for us. We thoroughly thought it through for a few years. It was very important that we found the home to fit our needs. Mary Lou was patient and kept up with us every step of the way to make the process a smooth one. We recommend Mary Lou to anyone who is either selling or purchasing a home. She did dilligent work for us!


Mary Lou Scala was supportive throughout the three month period that my house was listed with her company. She was prompt with the process during this period and replied to any questions I had in a speedy manner. She has a heart of gold.


We had a great experience working with Mary Lou. Admittedly our process was simple (we only looked at one property and agreed to rent immediately), but Mary Lou was very helpful and diligent throughout. We would recommend her to anyone looking in the area.


I first met Mary Lou when she helped my find my first home back in 2010. She was extremely helpful, very professional and a pleasure to work with. Then recently I began looking at properties for a new project and after zero luck and almost no response from a couple other realtors, I remembered Mary Lou. I shot her an email out of the blue, and she responded immediately and said she’d be glad to help, and in a matter of days she helped me find what i was looking for and helped me through the process again. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a friendly, no pressure, professional and responsive realtor experience.


“Mary Lou became my real estate agent after an unsuccessful four months with another agent. Within three weeks (during the month of December), we had an offer. As a first-time seller, I appreciated the time that she spent with me, and the learning curve she provided. She is forthright and honest to a fault. Mary Lou put tremendous effort into selling my house all the while keeping me informed as to the status. She is reachable 24/7 and uses up-to-date technology to keep the process moving. I highly recommend Mary Lou. She is a wonderful person to have as an agent and made the process easy and painless.”

Leslee Olson

We worked with Mary Lou Scala to purchase our new home. Mary Lou was responsive, accessible, knowledgeable and patient. We had a very specific list of items that were critical to our decision-making and Mary Lou was instrumental in helping us find the right home/property. When it became apparent we had found our new home- Mary Lou was at her finest – she was tenacious – driven – and tireless in helping us make our dream a reality. Mary Lou is a professional and knows the business – we would not have our new home if not for Mary Lou Scala.

Sandra DeStefano and Tony DeLeonardis

Mary Lou was amazing to work with. She came up with a plan that met our needs with selling our home. Within 4 days, we had a a contract on the house. She was readily available when I needed her and very resourceful. Will definitely be doing business with her again.

Lena and Adam Mead

As a first time home buyer I was a bit nervous about making such a large purchase. Mary Lou couldn’t have made it any easier for me and there was not one point during the process that I felt overwhelmed, frustrated or disconnected. Mary Lou answered my phone calls at 5am and 10pm at night, not once did I have to leave a message. She knew the process in and out, had a fabulous team (law firm, inspectors, insurance agency etc) which were trusted and provided the best service. I was told by many home buyers how frustrating the process can be, but in my case I picked the house that I fell in love with and signed documents, Mary Lou did the rest. I am truly thankful she was my real estate agent!

Paul Shea

Mary Lou Scala was always one-step in front of us as first time homebuyers. She was always accessible, willing to answer any questions at any time and provided us with a very clear guideline to make this process as smooth as possible. She put 100% into us and couldn’t have asked for a more diligent real estate agent. I would highly suggest for any future homebuyers. Her work is invaluable.

Lucia S.

Marylou was instrumental in the both the sale and purchase of our homes. We reached out to her after a negative experience with a realtor who was unresponsive, unreliable, and likely uninterested in swiftly moving to sell our home. From day one Marylou was enthusiastic, positive, and committed to “getting the job done”. She demonstrated great skill in managing our expectations while educating us about the realities of the current real estate market. We communicated with her almost daily throughout the process and felt that we always had her undivided attention. On both the sale of our old home and purchase of the new one, she had to deal with challenging personalities and circumstances – which she did exceedingly well. And, while we did not make as much as we had hoped on the sale of home, she added personal incentives that helped to close the deal. Through the process she has become a friend and we look forward to referring more clients to her in the future. If you want a realtor who knows her stuff and is willing to stick by your side even when things get difficult in this life changing experience, Marylou is the one!

Mohad and Faiza Wasif



Marylou Salerno is an absolutely excellent agent. She immediately took care of any issues that came up and made sure we did everything we needed to make sure the process went smoothly. We would definitely use her again!


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